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Dental Sealants – Lincoln, NE

Protecting Teeth From Plaque and Bacteria

A young girl in the dentist chair giving a thumbs up

At Wilderness Station Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Killeen understands it can be hard for little ones to brush their teeth the right way. Novice oral hygiene skills can lead to tooth decay and cavities simply because they cannot reach their back teeth. As these are often the most prone to developing cavities, he and his team can provide added protection through the use of dental sealants. Through this quick and painless process, you can rest easy knowing your child’s teeth are protected from bacteria and plaque. To find out how your child can benefit, contact us today!

Why Choose Wilderness Station Pediatric Dentistry for Dental Sealants?

  • Highly skilled and trained dental team
  • Quick, painless procedure that offers optimal protection
  • Personalized care for your little one

What Are Dental Sealants?

A child’s back teeth

Dental sealants are considered to be a thin, plastic coating that is placed over their back teeth to protect them from bacteria and plaque. Because these teeth have various pits and grooves, it can be difficult for a young one to effectively clean these areas. By placing sealants, we can better protect their teeth and prevent food and bacteria from becoming trapped in these crevices, thus, creating a cavity-free smile.

How Does the Process Work?

A little boy having his teeth checked

Your pediatric dentist will first begin by reminding your child that the process to receive dental sealants is completely painless, so they have absolutely nothing to fear. Next, Dr. Killeen will clean the teeth that require sealants and allow them to dry. Then, he will place cotton around these teeth to keep them dry as he roughens the chewing surfaces just enough so that the sealant will adhere to the tooth.

After rinsing and drying the teeth once more, he will place each sealant onto the corresponding tooth enamel, allowing it to effectively bond and harden to the tooth.

Why Are They Beneficial?

A little girl smiling

If you want to provide the best level of care for your child’s teeth, there’s no reason not to have dental sealants placed. The multitude of benefits makes it one of the safest and most effective ways to block out bacteria and plaque and ultimately, tooth decay and cavities.

Some of the added benefits to sealants include:

  • Additional Protection – Children who consume sugar or who have difficulty brushing in those hard to reach areas will have added protection from cavities with dental sealants.
  • Limit Bacteria Exposure – Because the mouth is a haven for bacteria, sealants can help to limit its amount.
  • Produce Stronger Teeth – If you’re already giving your children fluoride treatments, dental sealants will also work to strengthen their tooth enamel.
  • Reduce Possible Dental Problems – By placing sealants, you are lowering their risk of developing a cavity, thus, forgoing the need for a filling. With preventive care, you can keep more money in your pocket while keeping your child’s oral health in better shape.