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Tiny train at the childrens dentist serving Lincoln, Bennet, Hickman and SewardAs soon as your child’s first tooth appears, schedule their first dental appointment. Treat the first visit as you would a well-baby check-up with the child’s pediatrician. It is a good idea to have the first dental visit within six months after the first tooth appears, but no later than your child’s first birthday. It’s best to meet Dr. Marty when your child is having no dental problems- don’t wait until an emergency arises.

Having a well-baby checkup at this age connects your child to a dental home. This is a “home base” for dental care, a place where you can take your child from year to year. This helps Dr. Marty get to know your child’s and your family’s specific needs, so he can provide the best care.

At your first visit Dr. Dr. Marty will do lots of things like:

Happy Patient at the pediatric dentist in Lincoln, Denton and Roca
  • Learn your child’s health history
  • Give a complete oral exam to check growth and development, oral hygiene, injuries, cavities or other problems
  • Tell you if your child is at risk of developing tooth decay
  • Clean the teeth and provide tips for daily care
  • Review feeding practices that may lead to tooth decay
  • Talk with you about common dental injuries and what to do if one happens
  • Discuss teething, pacifier use, or thumb sucking habits
  • Discuss treatment if needed and schedule the next check-up
We strive to make each and every visit to our office a fun one!