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Root Canal Therapy – Lincoln, NE

Immediate Pain Relief for Hurting Teeth

Young girl in dental chair holding jaw

Is your child experiencing a really bad toothache – the kind that prevents them from going to school or hanging out with their friends? If so, then it sounds like they may have an infection in the dental pulp, which is the delicate nerve located inside each tooth. This sensitive area can become exposed to bacteria due to a cavity or crack in the enamel, and in either case, severe dental pain is usually the result. In order to stop this discomfort and save the tooth from extraction, Dr. Marty can perform root canal therapy. Thanks to his use of local anesthetic and sedation dentistry, this is a safe, comfortable, and trusted procedure for stopping even the most extreme dental pain!

Why Choose Wilderness Station Pediatric Dentistry for Root Canal Therapy?

  • Same-Day Appointments Available for Children in Pain
  • Led by Pediatric Dentist & Father of 4: Dr. Marty Killeen
  • Multiple Types of Sedation Help Calm Little Nerves

What To Expect During Your Child’s Root Canal

Smiling girl in dental chair

After giving your child an exam and determining that they could benefit from a root canal, the procedure will take the following steps:

  • Dr. Marty will use local anesthetic to numb their tooth as well as the area around it.
  • He’ll create a small hole in their tooth to reach the infected pulp.
  • He’ll remove the pulp and then clean and disinfect the tooth.
  • He’ll replace the pulp with a filling material.
  • He’ll seal the tooth, and at a follow-up appointment, he may place a more permanent restoration over it.

Most children barely feel a thing during their root canal. In fact, what most end up talking about is how much better their tooth feels afterward!