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Who Our Pediatric Dentist Near Hickman, NE Helps

Your Child Deserves High-Quality Treatment

Your child’s smile can’t be compared to another’s, so why should their dental treatments be the same as someone else’s? Dr. Marty Killeen is honored to provide dentistry that is never “one-size-fits-all” at Wilderness Station Pediatric Dentistry. He welcomes patients of all ages, whether their first baby tooth has erupted or they’re a teenager who’s about to reach adulthood. Our team knows all the different needs teeth have at every age. When you arrive, we hope to build a positive relationship with you and your child that lasts for a lifetime. Give us a call today to set up your next appointment or ask questions you may have.

Dentistry for Infants

According to Dr. Marty, parents should bring their infant in for an initial dental appointment after their first baby tooth erupts. However, you should also bring them once they reach the age of one. This is done to give your pediatric dentist near Hickman, NE the chance to carefully review their developing smile and catch potential problems early. You can also get good advice on at-home care and oral hygiene practices.

As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Marty takes infant oral care very seriously. This service is largely focused on oral care surrounding issues that only occur during the infant stage of development. For example, when your child is teething, exhibiting non-nutritive habits (i.e. thumb-sucking), or you’re breastfeeding them, we want to make sure that their dental health is in order along the way. This is what we mean when we say we personalize treatments for every stage of their development.

Dentistry for Toddlers

As babies get older, they start to get a whole lot of energy. With them running around your home, you may find it hard to keep up them! Wilderness Station Pediatric Dentistry is prepared to protect your child’s growing smile no matter how active they become. We’re ready to perform gentle checkups, offer silver diamine fluoride treatments to protect teeth, and provide multiple services that keep their teeth healthy well into adolescence.

For example, in the event they hurt themselves and a baby tooth is damaged, there’s no need to perform an extraction right away. Instead, we may recommend pulp therapy, a treatment that works similarly to root canals but focuses on baby teeth instead. More than anything, we want to ensure your child only loses their teeth the natural way in preparation for their permanent teeth, and pulp therapy aids in that process to prevent the worst-case scenario.

Dentistry for Children

When your child starts going to school, they’ll need to pay far more attention to their regular at-home oral care. With more responsibility comes a higher risk of forgetting brushing and flossing in between visits. The good news is Wilderness Station Pediatric Dentistry’s team will always lend a helping hand. There are many services perfect for keeping growing smiles healthy.

Not only do we provide custom-made nightguards and tooth-colored fillings, but we also offer dental sealants. When your child is still getting the hand of their oral care, these composite resin-based sealants work to add more protection from plaque and food debris throughout the day. With regular maintenance, they can last for at least 10 years, even though they only take a single appointment to apply.

Dentistry for Teens

When you’re raising a teenager, it can be a challenging process for some. Of course, they’re always welcome at our pediatric dental office near Hickman, NE. Dr. Marty is happy to treat older children all the way until the age of 18. His expertise ensures your child can begin the first days of adulthood feeling confident about their smile and oral health.

Of course, if your child does develop common dental problems like cavities, they don’t need to sacrifice their appearance along the way. Our office makes use of natural-looking materials to restore teeth, all without using any silver amalgam or other metals. Not only can the tooth-colored fillings be color-matched to your child’s enamel, but you can expect their restoration to last at least 10 years without worry!

Dentistry for Children with Special Needs

Dr. Marty and the team at Wilderness Station Pediatric Dentistry believe that all children deserve a comfortable dental office environment. Whether your child has a developmental disorder, behavioral impairment, or other condition that requires just a bit more attention, you’ve come to the right office. As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Marty has the expertise to take care of your son’s or daughter’s special needs. For example, sedation dentistry can be used to help your child relax throughout the treatment process.